Google my-maps print converter

If you are interested in testing the beta version, please go here

Simple printing application for Google my-maps, hopefully Google will fix the poor printing, since sadly somtimes we do need to print out the maps we create (or borrow) from somebody else.

Given the kml link from the google maps page, it will produce a web-page that is slightly more print friendly. It will include all the comments that have been recorded. The KML link should look like: View in Google Earth it should appear next to the Print link once a My Maps link has been pressed.

Copy the KML url into this dialog box ->
Number of columns ->
Icon Types
Samples could include:
LA Veg Restaurants
LA Metro Subway Attractions Map
LA Metro Subway Attractions Map

Known issues:

  • Markers are changed to numbers, this helped me identify which markers are where, however sometimes the original markers are handy
  • Only markers are shown, no drawings are displayed -- however this does work with the Yahoo API, (goto: here)
  • There are still printing issues --- printing from HTML is far from perfect, you may also want to try the yahoo API (see here).

Please keep in mind, this was written to provide an easy way for me to print out some of the maps I had created for some vacations, I'm sharing it since it appears to be a common problem.

Printing Google My-Maps with the Yahoo Maps API

Click here to use another version of this script that will read you KML URL and overlay it on a yahoo map. This has the advantage that an lines in your KML file will be printed (if your browser supports it).


  • Oct 27-2007
    • Upgraded mapping software so that the table is drawn dynamically. This means it will only display markers in the table that are visible on the map, so as you pan and zoom around the map, it will re-build the table.
    • Marker Options - You now have the choice of black-and-white markers, as well as being able to display the original markers
    • Made an alternate version that uses the Yahoo API, it still reads from the same KML file, but this one will properly support printing lines from IE. There are still some issues with this (polygons are not supported), and the line will not display in the table.

Any problems or feedback to